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Tomatoes and Sausages Tart

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Tart recipes are flooding Instagram lately. Every day I see a different one and they all look so good! So I had to make one myself and add something of my own.

This is actually pretty easy, especially when you buy the puff pastry and not make it by yourself. The whole recipe is basically this: roll out the puff pastry sheet, arrange the ingredients on top so the whole thing looks sexy and colorful, take a photo, put it in the oven.

The idea to put sausages on the tart was a last minute one. I also put some smoked meat leftovers I had laying around.


1 Sheet Frozen Puff Pastry

4 Tomatoes

10 Cherry Tomatoes

1 Red Onion

3-4 Sausages



Roll out the puff pastry sheet on top of a tray with baking paper.

Braid the edges of the pastry along the length of the sheet, to create a frame.

Slice the tomatoes, the cherry tomatoes and the red onion into thin circles.

Arrange the vegetable circles inside the pastry frame. First the big tomato circles to cover the surface, the onions between them and the cherry tomatoes circles in the gaps between the big tomato circles.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

This by itself is already an awesome tart. You can stop here and go straight to the oven if you want a vegan version or just don't feel like adding meat.

I had some sausages and smoked meat laying around from the night before. And so the idea was born.

Cut each sausage in 4 and place them standing up between the tomatoes. If you have pulled meat like I did, scatter it on top.

Put the tray in the oven, preheated to 180C.

Stare into the oven for 50 minutes or until you see the crust getting golden.

Cut and Enjoy.

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