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Hot Mess Pasta

This pasta was inspired by my friend Lyssa Leigh, who is an internet model and star. Honestly, she is all over the internet, can't think of a single social network she is not on. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and you-know-where-else. All of her links can be found at

I was happy to encounter Alyssa on the streets of social media. I was even happier to conduct "research" of her accounts, which she was kind enough to provide me all access to. She has one of the most fun internet personalities there is. Not only because of Lyssa's wide infectious heartwarming smile, but every other part of her deliciously curvy Ashley-Graham-like body. Her spicy personality and her sexy and wittily amusing remarks will have you smiling while developing a deep affection for this girl.

Lyssa is a fan of spicy food to match her attitude, creamy pastas and anything potato-made. You would think that pastas and potatoes can't go together in one dish, but I think I totally made them work in this one and it was delicious!

Dozens of kitchen utensils became dirty after being used for cooking this one plate of pasta. The tacky thing to say here is that it symbolizes Lyssa's colorful and wide ranged personality, but this is just the way this dish had to be made.


For confit garlic

✔️ Garlic cloves from 2 or more heads

✔️ Canola oil

✔️ Thyme

For confit garlic

✔️ 5-6 potatoes

✔️ Milk/Butter

✔️ 100g grated Parmesan

For tomato pastes

✔️ 500g red cherry tomatoes

✔️ 500g yellow cherry tomatoes

✔️ Bunch of Basil leaves

✔️ Hot sauce of your choice

✔️ olive oil

For the pasta

✔️ 200gr baby mozarella balls

✔️ Pasta of your choice

✔️100 grams grated parmesan

✔️ 100 grams grated mozzarella

✔️ oregano for seasoning

✔️ olive oil

✔️ salt, pepper

✔️ balsamic vinegar

For starters, I made confit garlic, tons of cloves cooked while swimming in a pond of olive oil, on the lowest possible flame for 1 hour. We will need the garlic later, for plating.

For the potato part: mashed potato parmesan balls. I made mashed potatoes the way you would usually make them. After mashing, I mixed the potatoes with parmesan. Then rolled small balls by hand out of the mixture.

In a separate pot of salted water, I cooked pasta until al dente. No need to elaborate.

To represent Lyssa's frequent change of hair color, two colors of cherry tomatoes were used to create two tomato pastes that will cook next to each other and maybe mix a little in the plate. For each paste, prepared separately, I crushed the tomatoes with my delicious homegrown basil and a few drops of hot sauce (different sauce for every tomato color).

Let the assembling begin!

In a baking dish, coated with olive oil, I put both of the tomato pastes right next to each other. On top of the pastes bedding, the mashed potato parmesan balls were evenly scattered, along with smaller balls of mozzarella. All of this was topped with the cooked pasta and covered with tons of shredded mozzarella and parmesan. The baking dish went into the oven on 180C/356F until the cheese on top started to get golden.

All of the ingredients that seem out of place will cook together and create amazing flavors. Tomato colors will mix a little, mashed potato balls will fall apart, the cheeses will melt. All this hot mess will wait for you in your plate.

For the plating, as a fan of Lyssa's nipple piercings, I made a replica of one to put on top of the creamy pasta. One clove of confit garlic served as the nipple, pierced on a toothpick and surrounded by the tiniest cherry tomatoes of different colors.

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