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Ceviche Yarden

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

I am excited about this one.

Not because it's a complex recipe, quite the opposite, but because this is an original idea based on my absolute favorite internet model.

Not only was the plan to depict on my plate two of her many assets, but also for the dish to be as fun, refreshing, sexy and delicious as the muse herself.

You can follow her on Instagram or the less prudish OnlyFans platform.

The dish a simple ceviche plated to resemble Yarden's mouthwatering bosom area:

✔️The white fish (sea bass) mixed with red onion produced the desired flesh color for the breasts.

✔️The salmon was perfect for the areolas, the red chili flakes served as the nipples.

✔️The toothpick piercing one of the chili nipples is a homage to a piercing long gone.

✔️The little upside down heart tattoo was made of black sesame seeds and took an hour and a lot of nerves to make presentable.

Ceviche originated in South America and spread worldwide without an effort.

It's basically raw fish "cooked" on the outside in lime juice.

The fish has to be sashimi-grade, because despite being seared on the outside by lime acid it is still raw on the inside.


4 Sea Bass fillets, cut into long strips and then diced into small cubes

1 Salmon fillet the size of one sea bass fillet, diced in the same manner

1/2 Red onion, finely diced

1 Lime / Lemon, squeezed

1 Chili Pepper

Black Sesame, if you want to recreate the heart.

Other optional Ingredients that mix well in ceviche:

Avocado, coriander, garlic, tomato, chives, jalapeno

In a bowl mix the sea bass cubes with diced red onion.

Add the lime juice and mix again.

Leave for a few minutes. The juice will marinate the and "sear" the fish.

Do the same with salmon.

If you intend to make breasts out of it like I did:

- Make two domes of the sea bass mixture and leave a dent for the salmon.

- Place the salmon into the dent and straighten the surface to complete the round dome figures.

- Cut little circles from the end of the chili and place in the center of the salmon areola.

If you don't care about the shape of your ceviche:

Add all the other ingredients and mix.

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